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A few years ago, I grabbed the domain name – newline7.com – to reach out to the real estate industry with a research project on the impact of Green Building Policy. At the time, the Apple Mac was celebrating its 30th birthday!

I guess it dates me to admit that I vividly remember being inspired by this amazing new product released by Apple, and loving that 1984 ad. Before the advent of Apple Stores, we still found ways to go and “visit” the machines in stores and pine to purchase them. Just a couple years out of architecture school, not much disposable cash and facing the prospect of a recession for design in Southern California, being able to afford a Mac didn’t seem likely for me.

Instead, a group of us decided to combine our collective excitement, and do some programming on the side. Eventually we scraped together some cash and purchased a Mac and, although it’s capabilities were pretty limited by today’s standards, we programmed a CAD application targeted to architects. We even took it to the first two Apple trade shows and demo-ed the product to John Scully and Jean-Louis Gassee. We chose the domain newline7 to launch the company, but without the startup ecosystem and VC support that we enjoy today, we weren’t able to get off the ground. Still holding on to that domain name, though… maybe it’s time to dust it off and take it for a spin with a new venture…





I hope that rejuvenating the inspiration, optimism and excitement of NewLine7 will help push this research project forward this year. Hey, great time to dig out those cool NewLine7 t-shirts from the back of that drawer …



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